GDIO is dedicated to collect and aggregates recourses relevant to the industrial design and related fields, to build a design industry cooperation and innovation platform, provide solutions for the whole industry chain and allocate innovation resources to promote high-quality and sustainable economic development. These resources are provided to the general public and design professionals and are meant to support our efforts in promoting and sharing knowledge of industrial design-driven innovation that enhances the economic, social, cultural, and environmental quality of life and a Better World.

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    GDIO is proud to present excellent works of great professional industrial design organization, designers, and design universities, which is meant to attract more entrepreneurs, investors, manufacturers, technology providers, designers, and people in the fields of intelligence, data, and information to integrate resources and have complementary advantages.

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    GIDO aims to provide product and service innovation programs for entrepreneurs from all walks of life, enabling enterprises to connect with global innovation partners. In the meantime, it offers the overall solutions of enterprise management, supply chain integration, sales, investment, law, intellectual property, talent and other resources for design institutions and independent designers, helping them become design entrepreneurs instead of simple designers.

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    Whether you want to discover opportunities from all over the world’s leading design firms or find talented designers to join your team, the GDIO Job Board has it covered. If you’ve got a highly creative mind, we occasionally also offer internships to provide opportunities for talented people to gain work experience.

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    Together with international organizations, governments and the global design industry, GDIO proposes to comprehensively promote the design industry as a powerful engine of economic and social development, make full use of the creativity, value, and guidance of design innovation, and cultivate new industrial vitality with design for contributing to achieve high-quality and sustainable development and create a better life.