IDWE is an important international expo by GDIO. On this platform, it shows the latest design achievement to the world. As the world's first design industry expo organized by 40 countries, Industrial Design World Expo was grandly held during the 2019 World Industrial Design Conference in Yantai, China. Representatives and designers from more than 60 international organizations, over 200 well-known universities and more than 2,000 innovative companies gathered at 37° north latitude, integrating innovation elements of the design industry and displaying innovation achievements. It has opened a new era of the global design industry, built a hub for the global design industry and created a new ecosystem for the design industry!

Industrial Design World Expo has displayed the great achievements of industrial design in terms of industrial innovation, from consumption upgrading to high-end equipment, from smart city to IoT, from design-driven to industrial upgrades, from colleges and universities to the world's Top 500 enterprises, from independent designers to outstanding design companies, from information data to software systems, from industrial parks to innovation platform, from culture and arts to consumption upgrade, from venture capital investment to industrial incubation, from rural revitalization to poverty alleviation ... At the same time, it has demonstrated a major breakthrough in Chinese industrial design from the world's largest scale to a world-leading level. Industrial design has stepped on a new 100-year journey!