2022 World Industrial Design Conference (WIDC2022) is scheduled to be held in the end of October or early November, 2022 in Yantai, China. Please look forward to more excellencies!

World Industrial Design Conference (WIDC) is a global event jointly initiated by design organizations, institutions, enterprises and universities from over 50 countries and regions. It aims to promote in-depth integration of innovative design with economic and social development on a global scale, and to facilitate exchanges and collaborations in design across countries and regions. Since 2016, WIDC has been successfully organized for five sessions. It has become a hub and platform for gathering global design innovation and building the industry chain of design innovation.

Global Design Industry Organization (GDIO), as an official partner to continue to support for WIDC2022, warmly invites all members to be part in this wonderful conference through various forms, such as participating in online conference, sending organization representatives, releasing achievement online, or delivering online speeches. Please contact the GDIO Secretariat if any member intends to attend.

                                                                                                Contact: GDIO Secretariat